Tick Tock

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movie Day

Hey Friends!!! The event for this coming Thursday has changed, there will be a movie session for this Wednesday. Come and join us!!!God bless.

Venue: C411
Time: 4.15pm

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Know your Saint!!!

Hey, friends!! Do remeber to join our this coming thursday event ,
" Know Your Saint"!! Besides,please prepare some stories or info about the saints that you want to talk about. How they look like? Where they came from? What did they do? Do u often pray to them? Saints are our example that God gives them to know Him more just like why we are giving map when we go to a strange place, they used their lives to love God, so come on to share their stories with us o that we are 1_ _ _ _ _km closer to God!!

Venue: B105 (cabin)
Time : 4.15pm

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dear everyone,
We will be having Praise and Worship, Games and Sharing by on 14th May.We are welcoming everyone to come and join us.For everyone who are still new to our society ,come and experience God with us. If some of you know there are catholics around UCSI but not aware of our weekly gatherings, please do invite them and be with us. Remember, we are a family! Spread the news, God bless.Hallelujah!!!!Bring your friends as well.

Time :4:15pm
Venue:B105(cabin near the library)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Small Flower in Jesus' hand

Hey guys!! Last Sunday was the feast of St.Joseph. I attended a mass at St.Joseph Church in Tanjung Kling, Melaka. Coincidencely, that Sunday was also the fourth week of Easter and the day of vocation. Hehe..i would like to share some messages delivered by the priest, Father Ravi on that day.

" Normally the churches were given in the name of saints just like this St. Joseph Church but can the Saints save us? He said.

As usual, the parishioners remained quiet.

"No, we can only be saved in the name of Jesus(in the reading), saints are only examples for us to follow Jesus, to be saved. This is because they are closer to God, they know God better than us so they can show us what God is." He continued.

"Although we can only see St Joseph's name in the bible in the bible, he played a very important role to make sure that Mary and Jesus were safe. He didn't disobey or ignore what's God want him to do even though it is just a simple and small thing to do. His humbleness has transformed all the small things that he did into a big things in God's eye. This remind us don't complain when you are just doing a small thing for the church. As long as you are doing it in God's name, it will be precious in God's eyes" Father Ravi said.

We always choose big things to do. Let us do an experiment: Find an empty bottle, stones and sand and then try to fill the bottle as full as you can without holes in between. If you keep using the stones to fill up the spaces, you will find holes in between and you can't filled the bottle fully. You will find out that sand is needed to fill these small holes. Small things do play important part. We should realised that we can to contribute all we can to the church even though it might be small but it is different in His eyes. So don't belittle on the small things which may be as easy as ABC. These all bring us to way of God.

Flowers to St.Joseph

Walking and praying together

Gather in Him

Monday, May 4, 2009

Meet and Greet

Hello to all the members of CSS!!! Our event " Meet and Greet" will be held on this Thursday, 4.15pm at Mc Donald( Taman Connaught). Please do come and join us for this interesting event!!