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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting
Shalom to all,

There will be a general meeting in this week. This is a very important event for CSS so please support this. Bring along your friends to join this meeting.

Date    : 29th Jan 2010 (Friday)
Time    : 5.00PM 
Venue : Boardroom, Block A

God bless.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meet and Greet


Brothers and sisters in Christ, our 1st set of this year activities are coming! (Hooray!). Let us "Meet and Greet" with each others, with the old and the new members. So, do welcome yourself to the UCSI Christian life =)

Activity: Meet and Greet
Date    : 21th January 2010 (Thursday)
Time    : 4.30pm
Venue  : MPH, South Wing

We will be having games so hold your friends' hands and bring them to this event. More people, more fun!! Besides that, the "Meet and Greet" this year is different yet special as all of us are required to bring bible to have tete-a-tete with God.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey friends!!

Haha, UCSI Student Council has it first time organising club week in both North Wing and South Wing. This is a great event to know all the clubs available for you to enjoy in and a good chance to know Catholic Student Society (CSS).

Don't ever miss a chance to know Jesus! He is finding everywhere to go into your heart. Maybe you are lost, maybe you are searching....whatever your choice is, try God and he will be there for you.

"You are not alone~~" as it is sung by beloved Michael Jackson , you are not alone, especially in the journey of Faith. We CSS, will be good companion for you to know God and to be closer with God as he is the one guiding us in this society. Owing to the great love of Jesus, it is time for us to serve the Lord in this university, so what're you waiting for? Css is definitely the best choice.

Come! Come! Come! Support us!

Date: 19th January 2010 (Tuesday)
Venue: North Wing, Atrium (The open space in front of the cafeteria)

Date: 20th January 2010 (Wednesday)
Venue:South Wing, First Floor Lobby

See you there!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Self-Discovery Camp ( Part 1)

Hello again to all my friends
During this study week, I attended a wonderful camp that I had ever had at Plentong, Johor. It was entitled as Self Discovery Camp. Before I was invited to join this camp, I was thinking to have a vacation in Genting Highlands with my good friends for 2 days 1 night. However, it was God’s plan for me to be in this 7days 6 nights camp. Long huh??..yea, that was why I took quite a long time to contemplate whether I wanted to join this camp because I needed to prepare for my coming exam as well.
A few days before the camp, I thought it would be quite boring as it was a vocation camp. Vocation Be a nun?  Low possibility as I was falling in love in Jun Xiu, a member form TVXQ. Haha, however, I wanted to take this chance to build a deeper relationship with God as I Could roughly guessed that this camp could definitely brought me back to the bottom of heart through the maze.
To be more detail about this meaningful camp, I will try my very best to share part of the things (if you want to know everything, you need to experience and discover yourself) that I learned. 7days are long for a camp so I may need a few posts to describe this camp.
Depart We went to Johor by bus. Our destination was MAJODI (Melaka-Johor Diocese Institute) Centre, While we were in the K.K.K L bus (only 12 of us going there by bus from Melaka), we took chance to know each other. Maybe we are all catholic, we got along very fast. Erm…we reached there at about 2.45 hours of journey. The first thing we did was going to the Mamak shop to refill our stomach because we could not wait for the dinner anymore. After that, we waited for other members while arranging our things in the hostel.

Uhoo...Johor, we are coming!!

Inside the hostel...Girls always have many things to bring.

Normally, the first activity for the camp is Ice-breaking but not for this camp. The first event was Mass! Opps, will it be boring for the rest the days? (the answer will revealed slowly)
All right, after the mass, we had our dinner. Everyone was so obedient as we have a group prayer before started eating. (I normally make a cross only before my meal)
It was time for talk after the stomach was full. Father Joseph Heng gave a simple opening speech. One of the things said that impressed me a lot to be full heartily in this camp was “ You will find yourself falling in love in your relationship with God”. Such a big words, but I was ready for it. The microphone was then passed to Brother Eddie.
“Brother Eddie is ever ready to assist anybody”. The first phrase that came to mind was “to serve”. He said that he doesn’t know when God is asking him so he just needs to answer anyone who needs his help.  You would find confidence everytime he repeated this sentence. Besides that, he said a few things that made me remember till now. One of that was “No preparation, no celebration” . That’s’ true, if you didn’t prepare for the exam by studying hard, how are you celebrate that you will have good result…”You are either fail to plan, or plan to fail”. Most importantly, in this camp, he asked us to “listen and discover yourself”. “The word makes flesh and dwells among us” Matthew 1:24. I needed to clear my ear this time in order to listen but not just hear. Friends, how much have you attempted to listen to others instead of yourself only? There are a few questions thrown by Brother Eddie to us:

  1. Who am I? This is particular important in this self-discovery camp. Why do I come to this world?
  2. Who is Jesus to you? Some of the people say Jesus is man Saviour, God and many others…but what is him to you? Brother said this is where the importance of self-discovery comes in so that we know who is Jesus and love him. Haha, i was thinking "why not love at first sight?".
  3. What is your responsibility of being a catholic? We are all baptized with water and light of God. We should no longer lead a normal life but a normal catholic way of life. Moreover, we are called to holiness by God.

 As there were 54 campers at that moment, games were held by brother to let us know each other and to introduce ourselves to all the people in the camp. We were also being asked to write journal everyday.
It was about 10.00pm,time to lights off. 

To be continued…

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Your prayer is important!!

Hey, brothers and sisters,

I was sad to hear that there are democracies happened in three churches in Kuala Lumpur. One of it was the Church of Assumption. It's okay, whatever has happened,let it be. God will always have the best plan on us. Do not hate or be angry on those people who are involved in this and seek  for God's help in your prayer!!! There are two messages sending to me. One of it is asking us to pray together for this evidence at 9.00pm. So friends, prepare your prayer and if can, rosary as well to pray for the church so that the God's wisdom will shine on them to let them know what is right to do. Another is asking us to remove all the christian article in your car....Erm, I think this is not neccessary. Whatever has put up,no need to take down and we also don't need to put up more. Stand firm with your religion, this is a time to "show off" our faith.

Besides that, I just saw a comment from a priest who is now serving in Johor told us that police is now working hard to protect the churches. This is a good news. Don't worry too much. Continue your prayer.

God bless.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!!

Haha, Mr. 2010 has coming...
What's your plan for this year?
Anything you wish for for this year?
Are you waiting for the next holiday?
How many A's u may wish to have?

No matter what your plan is, do ask God's help and everything will run smoothly.
Life has ups and downs!! Many people said that 2009 is not a good year as there were many unnecessary conflicts in politic, A H1N1 disease, 88 earthquake in Taiwan,prices increased in some necessities and many others which are unpleasant to us. However, this prepares us to face a brand new year, 2010 with all what we learned in 2010! Remember to seek forgiveness from others whom we hurt unintentionally. There are always something good going to show up after something bad.  Be confident and energetic for this year as well as grow up more spiritually. Happy New Year once again!! God bless.