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Saturday, March 1, 2008

History of the Bible

Last Wednesday, we had Mr Bruno Pereira, a speaker, assistant of Fr. Clarence Dass to speak to us about the history of christianity. This meeting, we sent out invitations to other christians to join us, and there were quite a few who showed up. Below are extracts of the meeting : ( a waste if you din show up...therefore, next time, come for CSS meetings!)
Did you know that the Catholic Bible has 7 books more than
Protestan Bible but 3 books less than Greek Orthodox Church Bible?

Everyone was amazed with Mr Bruno's memory ability to remember the dates and the names significant to the history of the Bible.

Did you know there are over 20 gospels such as the Gospel of Philip and the Gospel of Thomas but only 4 Gospels are in the Bible? (due to overlapping of contents)

It was so interesting that the meeting ended at 7.15pm. (it was suppose to end at 6.30pm)

Finally, a token of appreciation to Mr Bruno from CSS.